Physiotherapy can be very beneficial for all dogs to help improve mobility, fitness and aid rehabilitation. Every treatment program is tailored to each individual dog’s needs.

Some of the common reasons for canine physiotherapy include:

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Spinal injury and pathologies

  • Cruciate ligament injuries

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Obesity

  • Maintenance

  • Performance improvement


Every new canine patient will receive an initial assessment session which will include:

  • Static assessment

  • Dynamic assessment

  • Palpation

  • Joint range of motion assessment

  • Treatment by veterinary physiotherapist

  • Written treatment plan for your dog

After the initial assessment, you will only need follow up sessions, unless they have since been diagnosed with a new condition or acquired a new injury. The follow up sessions are exactly the same but the assessment is not as thorough, as we only need to see if anything has improved since last time or if any lameness has occurred. The sessions also allow for a longer treatment time for maximum benefits.

Treatments for your canine companion may include:

  • Massage techniques

  • Stretching

  • Range of motion exercises

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Electrotherapy

If you think your dog can benefit from physiotherapy then do not hesitate to get in touch.




Initial Assessment

This will include a full assessment of your dog and its condition to allow Eleanor to produce an effective treatment plan


Follow up session

A shorter version of the initial assessment to see how your dog is getting on and to reassess the treatment plan



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