Eleanor Wilde is a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist practicing in and around Essex, treating all your four legged friends, from cats to dogs to horses. Eleanor is part of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and has qualified with a master’s degree. She is also a qualified Equine Body Worker (EEBW).

Physiotherapy is very beneficial for both domestic and performance animals, to help reduce pain and discomfort, increase performance and aid recovery from injury. Eleanor offers maintenance programs to those that want to keep your pet in tip top shape or rehabilitation programs for those animals who have suffered an injury. Eleanor currently uses many different treatments during physiotherapy sessions, including massage, stretching, therapeutic exercises and selective electrotherapies.

Below is a list of just some of the benefits from physiotherapy treatment:

  • Improved performance

  • Reduces pain and discomfort

  • Aids in post-operative  and post injury rehabilitation

  • Improved range of motion and mobility

  • Strengthens muscle and increases muscle mass

  • Improves fitness

  • Aids in neurological rehabilitation

Veterinary Physiotherapists must work under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) which requires consent from your vet before any physiotherapy can be performed. A veterinary referral form will need to be filled out before treatment can begin which you can request via email or can be found on the individual pages below. Your vet will be informed of your animal’s progress during their physiotherapy treatment.







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